As a sports marketing agency, AMGsport facilitates company and brand involvement with sports. We are partnered directly and indirectly with the biggest names in the industry. We actively work to bring new and creative ideas and solutions to rights holders as well as brands. We take great pride in bringing together mutually beneficial partnerships. We are specialized in creating high impact solutions for budgets of any size.


AMGsport is your turnkey solution to sponsorship management and activation.

Like most things in life, anyone can put a sponsorship program together, but not everyone can do it well. You do not have time to figure this out on your own. Make sure you hire a consultant/agency partner to help you on this journey. This might seem a bit self-servicing, but the truth is the industry expertise, relationships, resources and time that agencies bring to bear can all help you achieve your ROI/ROO quickly.

Sponsorships are fun! Everyone enjoys the process of becoming an insider with a sports team, being the internal champion at their company, having a hard card, etc., but it doesn’t take long to realize that this is work. Prepare in advance so that your sponsorship investment will have the best chance to be successful.



Let our award winning design team, with decades of experience, go to work for you.

At AMGsport, we have a team of dedicated and talented designers with decades of experience. They pride themselves in being highly-skilled in several fields and mediums and tailor every design to fit the needs of each individual company. Need a a small advertisment for a magazine or website? No problem! Need a full-size billboard or a 20 page website? Easy. No design or need is too big or too small. 

We partner with leading marketers and event producers to help them grow their businesses through aggressive marketing campaigns, public relations, sponsorship consulting, sponsorship sales and other services.

I have had the pleasure of working with the design and marketing team at AMG Sport on several occasions. They are, without a doubt, true professionals.

-JJ Yeley, NASCAR Racecar Driver


Sports Sponsorship Packages are all different, and that is why having a goal for the partnership at the outset is important.

We make sure your brand is in the right place, at the right time to leverage the passion fans have for sports. Our data-driven approach ensures our clients are paired with the right properties to hit their objectives and target audience. We bring years of experience and relationships to the negotiating table and manage rights and assets with an unrivaled understanding of every property. And then we bring it to life, using our brains and creativity to create inspired activations and bold experiences.


As soon as we have the perfect sports sponsorship deal in place, we will begin executing that plan.

There is no sponsorship opportunity known to man that is good enough to stand alone and deliver ROI needed to justify the expense. You can’t sponsor a team – or any entity, really – and wait for the dollars to flow in. In today’s competitive business environment, where every marketing spend must be justified with some measure on return, a meaningful activation strategy has to be part of the sponsorship equation.

Event operations and logistics is where all the time spent planning the event comes together in the execution of the event. We can help establish and maintain budget, monitor all expenses, and maximize all revenue streams.

We are literally forging the tools that help keep this racing tradition alive, and we’re ecstatic about this ongoing relationship with Rick Ware Racing (RWR) and their great drivers.

-Li Feng, Workpro Tools

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