Rick Ware Racing has gone through a number of changes during the past 18 months. If you’ve been at a racetrack anywhere in the US, you’ve probably run into Rick himself. Ware, whose motorsports portfolio currently consists of six entries across the top series in motorsports, has distinguished himself and RWR as one of the top players in NASCAR, IMSA, NHRA, WSX, AMA Supercross, and IndyCar.

“We appreciate AMG Sport partnering with us to bring more awareness to what we are trying to achieve,” said Ware.” Our growing business plan is being able to offer multiple levels of motorsports involvement for one investment. In turn, our partners reach more B2B possibilities and the opportunity for them to gain more exposure and customers.”

“AMG Sport has already been making great strides to ensure these initiatives happen. We look forward to growing RWR with them as all of our worldwide motorsports seasons get underway.”

AMG Sport has more than 20 years of experience in developing strategic sports marketing programs for companies of all sizes, with a unique ability to highlight strong connections between brands, businesses, and consumers.

This partnership is beneficial for both parties because of RWR’s strategic vision of growth in the coming years, and AMG Sport’s innate ability to bring in businesses to partner with across multiple sports.

Charles Broadhurst, President of AMG Sport stated, “We’re looking forward to working with RWR and the opportunity to grow alongside their organization. We believe in the future vision of RWR and believe there is no greater value in motorsports than partnering with this race team.”

On the surface, AMG Sport exists to sell sponsorships across various sports and platforms. However, at its core, AMG Sport is passionate about finding and creating long-lasting connections for people. They pride themselves on cultivating long-term relationships with clients to put them in the best possible position to achieve maximum results from their sponsorship. Partnering with RWR gives businesses the opportunity to expand these long-term relationships while introducing them to new sports and opportunities

About RWR:
Rick Ware Racing is a professional motorsports company with teams in the NASCAR Cup Series, Indy Car, IMSA, NHRA, and Supercross competitions. RWR fielded the Championship World Supercross Championship (WSX) team with rider Shane McElrath.

About AMG Sport:
AMG Sport, located in Tampa, FL, is partnered directly and indirectly with some of the biggest names in all of sports. With 20 years of marketing experience, a vast portfolio of connections, and access to extensive marketing collateral, they execute unique strategies that will bring brands to the next level. Find them at: https://amgsport.com/