Through the NASCAR Program, AMG Sport will engage and lead on behalf of Public Sq to do the following:

Potential Partners

Bring potential business partners with like values to the Public Sq NASCAR program and encourage sign-ups.

Paid Partners

Include these business partners as paid participants in the Nascar Public Sq Program and offer sponsorship spots on the car.

Non-Paid Partners

Bring in Non-Paid business partners to the NASCAR Program and influences sign ups. 

The Public Sq NASCAR Program is meant to:

Build Awareness

Generate business and increase consumer awareness of Public Sq.

Provide High-Profile Marketing

Help lift up like-minded businesses through the NASCAR Program and provide them with high-profile marketing that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to get.

Implement Retail Marketing Programs

Create retail marketing programs for businesses and products on or owned by Public Sq to the consumer fan base (75 mil consumer fans in NASCAR).

Create Incentive Based Programs

Create incentive-based programs for businesses on Public Sq with tickets and VIP events in their markets on a per-race basis.

Execute & Leverage

Execute these plans by leveraging the Public Sq sponsorship across all forms of media.

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