Typically, the sounds you hear on a normal day at a racetrack are the roaring engines, screeching of tires and cheers of the crowd. However, this Sunday, during the NASCAR Cup Series race, an additional sound will be circling the track at Atlanta Motor Speedway, the Sound of Freedom. Patriot Mobile, the primary sponsor of the Rick Ware Racing No. 15 Ford Mustang’s hood, will proudly display the “Sound of Freedom” title to promote the movie that premiered on July 4 highlighting the global epidemic of child sex trafficking.

“Sound of Freedom” is based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a former U.S. government agent who quit his job to devote his life to rescuing children from global sex traffickers. So, just how big of a problem is human trafficking you might ask? The latest International Labour Organization (ILO) study estimates that a staggering 49.6 million people are currently living in modern slavery worldwide, with 27.6 million in labor and sex trafficking and 22 million in forced marriage. These numbers are on the rise, and it’s not just happening “over there” – an estimated 5.1 million people are in modern slavery on any given day in the United States alone. Child sex trafficking has been reported in every single state.

Patriot Mobile, America’s only Christian Conservative wireless provider, is no stranger to proudly representing causes. In fact, they give a portion of every dollar earned to support organizations that align with their Four Pillars of Giving: First Amendment, Second Amendment, Sanctity of Life, and Military Veterans and First Responders. When you switch to Patriot Mobile, you are joining the fight and helping to fund organizations that defend your God-given constitutional rights and freedoms.

“I am honored to have the ‘Sound of Freedom’ movie logo on my No. 15 car for Sunday’s race in Atlanta,” said JJ Yeley, driver of the No. 15.

“Patriot Mobile is proud to showcase the ‘Sound of Freedom’ logo on the hood of our car for Sunday’s race in Atlanta.” said Glenn Story, Patriot Mobile CEO. “This film holds immense importance to us, as it sheds light on an extraordinary story that deserves to be heard. ‘Sound of Freedom’ portrays the relentless fight against human trafficking, a grave issue that requires our attention and action. By drawing awareness to this powerful movie, we aim to inspire NASCAR fans to join us in the fight for freedom and justice.”

“I am honored to have the ‘Sound of Freedom’ movie logo on my No. 15 car for Sunday’s race in Atlanta,” said JJ Yeley, driver of the No. 15. “I was able to see this movie on opening weekend with my family and it holds a powerful message that resonates with us deeply. It sheds light on the urgent issue of human trafficking, a dark reality that must be confronted head-on. By bringing awareness to this film, we have an opportunity to reach millions of fans and spark conversations that can lead to real change. Join me and Patriot Mobile in supporting ‘Sound of Freedom’ as we race towards a brighter future, united against human trafficking.”

As Rick Ware Racing’s No. 15 Ford Mustang races around Atlanta Motor Speedway, the red, white and blue colors of Patriot Mobile will serve as a powerful reminder of the shared values that bind us as a nation, while the “Sound of Freedom” hood serves as a call to action to be a part of the change that’s paving the way for the permanent eradication of child sex trafficking. Log on to www.angel.com/tickets/sound-of-freedom to find a theater near you.

Catch all the action this Sunday at Atlanta Motor Speedway with the Quaker State 400 airing live at 7 p.m. ET on the USA Network.