NASCAR Sponsorships x Construction Industry-Potential

Jul 26, 2022 | Blog

NASCAR is uniquely positioned when it comes to the construction industry. It’s really one of the only marketing opportunities or sponsorship opportunities where you really get equal amounts of B2B relationship building and business to business marketing opportunities as well as a core consumer base that’s not only, in the case of construction, blue-collar, but ranges from homeowners to commercial businesses. You get so many different components that are wrapped up in one marketing opportunity. I really can’t think of a better place to invest money from a marketing standpoint, brand awareness, education, consumer and B2B opportunities, and employee retention. 

Some of the feedback that we’ve gotten from our clients in the construction industry is the massive impact that their NASCAR sponsorship has had on employee retention and recruiting. Most of their current employees and employee prospects are NASCAR enthusiasts, so they’re watching the sport anyways. In fact, statistically speaking, NASCAR fans are 50% more likely to be in the  maintenance/repair industry than non-fans and 39% more likely to work in the construction/extraction industry than non-fans.

So if you’re looking to make sure that you retain those great employees that you’ve built over the years and recruit new ones for the projects that you’ve got coming up, consider a NASCAR sponsorship. You and your employees will receive VIP pit passes, meet-and-greets with the driver/team on race day, and branded apparel all while having the incredible opportunity to network and build your brand awareness.



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Located in Tampa FL, AMG Sport not only specializes in NASCAR Sponsorships, our growing firm delivers turnkey Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations solutions for well-known global brands and SMBs across a wide spectrum of verticals. AMG staff have decades of experience delivering for clients and ensuring each brand or business is matched with an advertising partner who will deliver on their word.

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