• There are more  Fortune 500 companies involved in NASCAR than any other sportIn 2018, more than 1 in 4 (28 percent) Fortune 500 companies continued to invest in NASCAR
  • The number of Fortune 500 companies investing in the sport has grown year-over- year five of the last six years (since 2012)
  • Nearly half of Fortune 100 companies invest in NASCAR
  • The number of Fortune 500 companies investing in NASCAR has increased 29 percent since 2008
    Further, there are many blue chip global and privately held corporations involved in NASCAR but not accounted for in the Fortune 500 (i.e. Mars, MillerCoors, Shell, Toyota) 




Earn $50,000 or more per year


Between the ages of 18-44


Have children under 18


NASCAR Fans are male


Consumption of the sport is also evolving. While fans may not be attending the live events or tuning in on television at the rate that they were just a few short years ago, more fans are consuming NASCAR content digitally.

  • Second screen experience: 45% of NASCAR fans use a second device to follow NASCAR on race day while also watching TV
  • Among those: 30% follow via digital products or live streaming, 20% do both and 30% follow via social media
  • At the end of 2017, the NASCAR digital platform had received 227 million visits. That covers 963 million page views with 1.7 million average race day visits
  • On social media, there were 4 billion impressions by the end of the season (421 million video views, 463 million total engagements and 22 million average race day impressions)

Perhaps the most important take away is this: NASCAR fans are brand loyal! When a new sponsor/brand enters the sport, NASCAR fans rally around that company to express their appreciation for supporting something they love. NASCAR ranks #1 among major sports in sponsor loyalty – higher than the NFL, NHL, MLB, and the NBA

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