In the Fall of 2020 we were pleased to partner with Workpro Tools in becoming the Official Tool Sponsor of Rick Ware Racing in the NASCAR XFinity Series Races. Workpro prides themselves as a company committed to leading the way with innovative tools for the home do-it-yourselfer and with our expertise we were able to introduce them to a wider range of fans. Below are some of the ways we impelemented our goal.


The first thing you think of with a NASCAR Sponsorship is, of course, the car! Our skilled in-house designers were able to design a distinct paint scheme for each individual race based on the seasonal and promotional needs of the company.


Having a large and effective web presence is crucial in any company or campaign so we quickly decided to design a custom website for Workpro Tools and their racing team. This site contained everything needed to keep up to date with the team like latest news, schedule, promotions and even a shop section. We also created and ran social media acounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the team to keep the fans engaged.


Print is still a valuable medium for promotional campaigns and fan engagement. With this knowledge we immediatley began designing advertisements in different Nascar publications that showcased Workpro’s latest tools, promotions and racing schedule.


With AMG Sport’s broad reach and connections we were able to launch several press campaigns that garnered hundreds of thousands of views and engagement. Not to mention the millions of fans that witnessed the car race live on national TV several times throughout the year.

We are literally forging the tools that help keep this racing tradition alive, and we’re ecstatic about this ongoing relationship with Rick Ware Racing (RWR) and their great drivers.

-Li Feng

Senior Vice President of Great Star Industrial USA.

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